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See how action MMO Tera looks on consoles

TERA, formerly called TERA Online, is gearing up for a global console launch this year on PS4 and Xbox One.The whole UI and pretty much every system was reworked for consoles, such as a revamped lock-on mechanic, class-based controls, complete streaming attributes baked-in day one, along with native voice conversation. For all those who haven't played Tera Gold before it's an action-centric MMO with an emphasis on character movement, with the extra gimmick of conflicts against Big Ass Monsters (BAMs) along with the typical dungeon run trappings of the genre.

The below video does a good job of describing what has been upgraded for the console edition, which can be set for the"spring" of the year. I'd like to play TERA quite a bit, but got swept back up into World of Warcraft and Finally, the launch of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Given how few games console MMOs are out there that is a superb opportunity for me to dip back in.

That is disgusting that they are carrying the money they made from the PC version and using it to create a superior variant on consoles. If these improvements were coming to PC also, then cool. But it doesn't look like that's the case. "Hey PC gamers, thanks for all the money you've given us over 7 years. Now go fuck yourselves while we produce a superior version of this game for consoles."

Played this game quite briefly when it first came out on PC, and I knew from that day it was meant to get a console. The PC mouse and keyboard controls felt clunky as hell because of this. It was similar to D3, but in a different manner. Where buy Tera Items the motion was the biggest differentiation, in Tera, I'd image the camera and quick combat would yield better. For people who only have the normal 3 button mice, it's typical for the two principal buttons to be set to camera manipulation, whereas the wheel is free look or some other function. The keyboard is where all of the"crabbing" occurs. Each of the keys cause you to have an awkward position while attempting to keep up with the action. Controllers surely don't have this matter.



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