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#1 04.05.2020 03:41:15

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Why I still find myself interested in Madden 20/MUT

I've read articles on this forum for awhile today without actually creating an account, or posting Mut 20 coins to anything. With the pandemic happening, I wanted to highlight a person and happiness through this tragic, and boring moment. (I know somebody had a post awhile back in this subject, and I never took the time to make an account and respond to that thread, so I apologize to that individual.) The content creator"Throne" has honestly become the only reason I am in a position to enjoy Madden now of the year, with the present match that we must play. I stumbled across one of his movies on his"Throne2" Youtube channel, and immediately found myself drawn to his style of playwith. After watching even just a half of a few of his matches, I instantly wanted to jump Madden, build a similar type squad, and attempt to throw the ball around the area.

I understand nothing of his own backstory, his role locally, or whether or not he is well received or not, but I wanted to take some time and urge his station to every one you out there that are bored, and looking for some Madden inspiration. Obviously, his channel does relatively well, so I am sure a lot of you that take the time to read this,'ve indulged in his articles, or do not stone with his vibe, but to those of you that have not, it is a real treat. Much love to the Madden community, despite all the toxicity and hate that surfaces, we share a common bond and love for Madden, and that needs to be highlighted. Is ELE people, everywhere, ELE.

For sure, he has been really good for awhile, but he blew up this year. He started it gets hilarious also doing crazy streams in the night. He is also close to expert level, so he is likely to go that route when he's done with school, however he wishes to flow full time. Back in madden 17 he used to perform small vids with Chewbaccalema about auction wars and such, but now he has found his niche as humorous content guy. I believe he and a few others coming up could help Madden find a wider audience as they get big. He almost took out Kiv in the club series conducting that year a crime nobody ran.

In 18, not gont lie his 46 d was replicated by me straight up to buy madden coins was so good. Some rare triple option was running, if I recall. This past year a lot through the summer and I played him and that he was a sweat, but he's ridiculously good. Total throttle plans and God tier lurks.. He has brought madden up to a bigger net of popularity for sure. What we really need is much more streamer connections doing streamer contests, tournaments, challenges and streams that are integrated. They attempted but it was wonderful.



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