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#1 25.02.2020 06:54:52

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the allies of Dofus Kamas the Osamodas

"Animal Transformation When Osamodas reach Dofus Kamas  the fourth largest charge in a family, they transform. When this occurs, the allies of Dofus Kamas the Osamodas gain a bonus dependent on the animal family of the transformation if they're within 2 cells or one of the Summons. For the last hour ive been on the lookout for these fans are cant find anything. Where the buff should be, its jsut letters and numbers. I know it's a beta but theres a great deal of info missing.

I like what Shadowofdeath is currently stating. Playing around with the sacrier on the beta these days, the blood piles felt unworthy and takes way to long to use. I feel like the spells that dmg we should be given a stack of bleeding by ourselves and spells use the piles for a effect like the brand new coagulation up. Adding in a mechanic for just 2 spells that use that mechanic is idiotic. Not one of our other bouts interact with bleeding so whats the point.Having more charms which can either use or give up the bleeding piles would cause much more compelling game play and more choices. Either consuming blood stacks to heal up or do more harm have map manipulation or to survive.

I really do love the concept of having more dmg and decreased dmg taken at lower lvls of hp but with the system working predicated off% hp, erosion could seriously screw a sac up. We lose out on our dmg and withstand while also taking dmg. I know this seems broken but maybe with an ability that uses up blood stacks to bring back some of our erosion hp(without healing us) to somehow mitigate it. To assist us keep a fantastic amount of max hp so we can actually utilize the new hp mechanic(because our dmg and resist will rely on our own hp today ).

The previous problem with suffering as you stated was that it had been always one way since the onset of the fight(positive suffering or negative suffering) since it took a long time to change and just wasted moves. I think out of it being a 100% uptime buff that we had changing a lot of abilities another problem was. With something like blood stacks that we get from using certain spells and then using them up like a battery to buy Kamas Dofus Retro  be recharged is a fantastic way to make people believe on how they ought to spend blood piles.



#2 27.09.2020 15:12:00

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Re: the allies of Dofus Kamas the Osamodas

Такой вариант в моем сердце



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