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#1 30.01.2021 02:05:29

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Your first priority is to RuneScape

I am about to finish doing the same thing, and RuneScape gold here would be the exp rates using a dragon hatchet: 75-80: 77k exp an hour; 81-85: 82k exp an hour86-90: 87k exp an hour; 90-94: 93k exp an hour; 95-97: 96k exp an hour;100k exp an hour will likely be using a summonned beaver at least level 98 woodcut.

I cut about an hour per day, and obtained from 80-99 in around three months. You'll be enjoying a ton though, so within 26-35 days. I'm sorry but I don't agree with this at all, albeit I am only 91 woodcutting, but I timed myself for 1 hour without even going afk and I got about 77k.... In accordance with your table I must have gotten 93k.... And then other hours I have gotten around 103k exp an hour. 3-4 months is a safe estimate at your speed. If you get tired you can always do Stealing Creation for Hatchets that give double exp. In terms of the Firemaking question, The average logs burned per hour is 1000. So it will require 100 hours or not.

I got my fire cape back this morning, so I will provide you a couple tips. 1 ranging potion, just use 2 doses before jad or all 4 in jad. Switch helm to neitiznot or veracs. Legs to prossy or verac. Boots to either rune or dragon. The other one is murdering the 90's. 360's and 45's should always be last. They key is to find the 90 and move behind it, kill it, and run across the 360 or to dragon/italy stone and trap the 180 whilst killing the 360.

Once you get to jad, brew/sup up to complete stats in addition to a ranging pot, and turn on range . When he hits you, then your first priority is to see which attack he's doing next, and just brew/sup/range pot in between prayer switches. When it comes to the healers, you should be praying eagle eye/steel skin and you tank them kill them one by one. The latter is easier as much as time shrewd but potentially more dangerous. Good luck.

For stats I'd suggest 85 Attack and Strength, and 80 Defence. You might go with lower stats but it's really not efficient becoming slow kills/not many kills in a trip. It'd be nice to have Eadgars Ruse completed, simply because it's a quicker way to get to GWD. I'd also suggest having the mandatory Summoning Level for at least a War Tortoise, for buy old school rs gold keeping items.



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